Right To Manage Company

Exercising your rights to manage (also called RTM) and forming a right to manage company is a specialist area of law – you need solicitors who really understand what they’re doing. Rest assured that our expert right to manage team has that experience and can help exercise your right to manage and take control of the management of your block of flats.

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Right to manage – what’s in it for me?

  • Do you think that your landlord or management company is just too expensive?
  • Do you think the management company is not doing a good job in maintaining your block?
  • Do you believe that, as tenants, you can manage your own block of flats better or cheaper ?

If any of these apply to you, you might want to exercise your right to manage your block and establish your own right to manage company. You don’t have to show that your landlord is doing a poor job of managing your block badly or prove a breach of your landlord’s obligations to you.

Furthermore you don’t have to pay your landlord any financial compensation for taking the right to manage your block – though you will have to pay any reasonable costs incurred by your landlord in handing over the right to manage to you. Don’t forget however that you will need to set up a right to manage (or UK RTM ) company to take over responsibility for managing your block.

Why use us in exercising your right to manage?

  • Our team understand all about the RTM and how to set up a right to manage company – with considerable experience in this specialist area in acting for numerous tenants in the formation of  right to manage companies nationwide
  • We provide FREE initial telephone advice on exercising your right to manage.
  • We are the only solicitors recommended by the HomeOwners Alliance for right to manage company formation.
  • We can help you in forming a right to manage company either by taking your e-mail, Zoom video or phone instructions without having to see you in person – or  we can meet you at our offices in Wiltshire and Hampshire
  • Our clients like us – we carried out a survey of over 1000 of our clients, and were thrilled to discover that 95% of them considered our client service to be “excellent” or “good”, with a huge 98% saying that they would happily “recommend the firm to others”. Such a high level of satisfaction from great client service explains our huge growth – 1000% in just 12 years.

How our Solicitors can help you exercise your right to manage

  • Advising you if the right to manage applies to your block
  • Dealing with the right to manage company formation for you
  • Serving the correct notices on your landlord and other parties
  • Applying to the First Tier Property Tribunal (previously known as the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal) – in the unlikely event that becomes necessary
  • Explaining your options with regard to the related issues of lease extension or buying the freehold (known as leasehold enfranchisement) that may apply to your block – and if so how they could help you.

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